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hemp seed oil

Pure Essential Oils

 skin and body super nourishment is 


Organic Candian Hemp Seed Oil is added to every super product and minimally processed to preserve all the abundant natural healing compounds.

We take pride in only sourcing the purest and top quality organic Essential Oils. Experience the worlds best aromatic plants and oils.

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What customers say

Anna C.

– Ontario Canada

AMAZING! Love the Himalayan Super Scrubs. My skin feels so soft and refreshed. Personal FAV, the Love Scrub.

Thank you :)



100% No Preservatives or Emulsifiers

100% Organic and Non-GMO

100% Plant-Based and Sustainable 

Wildcrafted Essential oils

Our Super blends combine over 35 different pure and organic essential oils. Our products allow for direct application to your body in a safe and therapeutic manor. Improve your skin, body, and mind through the natural powers of aromatherapy

Hemp Seed Oil

 Organic Canadian Hemp Seed Oil is added to all our Super products. Hemp combines the perfect ratio of Omega 3,6, and GLA, perfect for human health.  We believe the future of skin and health care lie within the hemp super plant.

Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil

The base to all our Super Budders and added to the Super Scrubs is a bountiful cold pressed Coconut Oil base. The Coconut has been used around the world to nourish and repair the skin and body for centuries. Coconut Oil allows our 100% Oil-based Super Budders to stay solid at room temperature.

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