What is oil me north?

 skin care providing health benefits for your body and mind.

Our Super Budders combine the power and simplicity of nature in a refreshing wildcrafted Coconut, Hemp and therapeutic grade essential oils daily skin and body application. We use a 100% oil based blend to ensure safe and effective absorption of Essential Oils. All Super Budders stay solid at room temperature or below and will turn liquid when exposed to temperatures above. 

Wildcrafted & Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils 

Our essential oils are imported from small independent farms worldwide. We strive to only use Therapeutic Grade and Wildcrafted Essential Oils. 

 Wildcrafted? That means some of our plants are handpicked growing abundantly in nature. Then carefully harvested and distilled to ensure top therapeutic and medicinal value.

Many companies using Essential Oils are not necessarily looking out for your best interest. Essential Oils are expensive and because of that companies tend to use chemically altered, synthetic or diluted oils.  

Here at Oil Me North we strongly do NOT support Genetically Modified Organisms. GMOs will not be found in our super budders, GMOs found in skin care are hidden under names such as Amino acids, Xanthan gum, Vitamin E, Lecithin, Vitamin C, Citric acid, Sodium citrate, Lactic acid, Soy isoflavones (and other soy products), Vegetable protein, Alcohol Glycerin, Corn starch (in makeup).


organic and all natural guarantee the pure and powerful ingredients we demand. We do not condone the use of herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, chemical additives, or toxic ingredients.

The average person is exposed to 126 toxins from personal skin care products every day. The commercialization of skin care forgot to maintain the roots to human life/health. The use of chemicals and toxic ingredients is not only detrimental to your own health but the environment we live in. 

Our plant-based ingredients are sustainable and earth friendly. Organic and wildcrafted agriculture practices helps ensure this. There is nothing more important than sustaining and improving our environment.

As the science is starting to show, maybe we should all be vegan? No animal by-products or testing in any of our Super Budders. Plant based it healthier that way.

"Today's personal care markets are saturated with unhealthy and toxic ingredients. The largest organ on the human body is being overlooked and abused daily. With a natural love for health and wellness, I developed a line of skin and body care products from the purest and top Essential Oils to help heal the world we need to change. Be healthy, be happy." - Alex Yearham C.E.O & Founder



Sadly, every person in their lifetime will experience some form of degenerative health to their skin, body or mind.

80% of North Americans battle some form of skin issue.

We can help that. 

1/5 of North Americans will suffer from mental illness (expected to rise).

We can support that

As of 2012, half of all Americans suffered from a chronic disease or physical debility.

We can aid that.